Canscaip Workshops in Toronto November 10th

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This past weekend, I had an opportunity to attend a  series of workshops in Downtown Toronto.

If you do not know about it, here is and the

I attended 4 workshops through out the day and more workshops that I did not attend due to timing . Plus there is more happening in the early part of the evening with one to one evaluations.  Unfortunately, those I did not go to, had a lot of ideas somewhat written down, but no real concrete evidence to bring to their attention.

Perhaps next year, I will have some. This time around, I just took a lot of notes etc, and  then more notes.  So much information came to one in a  most casual like voice, you had to pay attention. The Attendees were a mixture of many professionals, beginning writers, artists and people from the publishing world.  I felt like a child again in the midst of real people.

I really did not have a chance to do quick sketches that I was hoping, even brought a small sketchbook too and pencils just in case. Although I wished I did. And now I am still absorbing the wisdom…. of their minds…


D May