Just more photos at this time

I have been busy as with others with life, work and gardening. So many things are happening that I haven’t been painting or drawing for a couple weeks now.  And it shows, I am out of practice but trying to get back into practice as fast as I can.

My camera is working harder that me, taking pictures and more batteries used up.  It is an old one too, but a goodie.

Red Bergamot  close up

This Bergamot was shot with a macro lens by accident. I was outside taking pictures of my flowers with it  was taken. I must have pushed the macro button before I taken the photo.

I love it, close of the petals, stamens and center core.  The sunlight  streaming through the petals.  Its a wonder.

And it looks wonderful as a desktop screen as I have it on my laptop.

And here are  some others, hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

I promise to have something drawn or painted for next time.


Echinicea near the back fence

Bleeding hearts in a row, back fence
sweet william in shade
monarch butterfly on thistle blossom
sweet william in the shade of the fence