Promises to myself…..

I  managed to get one thing done this year so far.

My self portrait done in acrylics, I am happy with it and yet I think I need to do more to it.

self portrait

Tried to slow down and stop to think what I am doing and how to proceed. So far its working.  You should see the previous versions, perhaps I will post them just for laughs, and what not to do when using this and that.

Acrylics were used on this portrait, and I think its pretty good for someone that always have trouble with drawing the face. And I found out that if I take my glasses off, I am short sighted just to let you know, it came together faster than I figured. With my glasses, it was easy almost way to easy to judge the distance, but if I take them off and squint more, I judged the tones better and perhaps more realistic it became.

I had short hair at one time a year or two ago, in a robe early in the morning, when I decided to try out my laptop camera, just for fun.  I would not suggest doing so but the few pictures came out very nice.   I know it is slightly distorted, I did not mind though. This was only a practice run for me.

I only used a limited palette too,  I found out after awhile,  I was mixing colours and layering them to give an effect of shadows in areas.

palette, colours used, no blue this time
colours used for portrait 2018

Yes, those are 35mm film canisters, but they are very useful in keeping paint from drying out and those mixes you love to make and hate to wash them away? keep them in those canisters!, they are very handy to have around! Sometimes I will paint the colours that were used to make that mixture, then the final mix too.

Yes I will continue to work on this painting of me.  And for now it will be used for other things.

dmay 2018 April