Bookshelves and worktable

A glimpse of my bookshelves and my worktable with books that I had in the past collected over the years. I‘d honestly, try to keep my art books in one area so I can look at them when I need to check something up or solve a puzzle on what to do next.

Art books on techniques and favorite painters on any subject matter that catches my eye in some way or another. I love the books on the Old Masters and love finding others similar or different styles, too. But I still look at them almost every day and still marvel of the art work and techniques described.


Some books that I bought over the years and live to regret buying.  Sometimes it is a gamble in buying them, referred by others that said they are a good read and when I try to read them. img_0170_1.jpg

Others that I thought someone I knew would like, but usually the time and interests changed too fast for me to give the books to them. Can’t decide to keep them or garage sale them.

Right now I have a fair amount of them and to a point I am starting to be very picky when I choose another one to buy.

My favorite authors both fiction and nonfiction, definitely yes keepers. Paperback is starting to be the choice especially for fiction authors. Nonfiction depending on how good the subject matter and my interest in it, ie; watercolour or different style on pastel pointers. Again, paper back is preferred.

If I am lucky, my local library will either be ordering or had a copy in their system for me to look at and decide if it is worth or not in getting it. Sometimes the wait is very long with other patrons that managed to get a reserve on it before I do. Patience is needed, until I see it on hold for me. Then I make a decision Yes or NO?

Another way is to go online to see if there is a review or ebook on it. I usually try to get the ones that long out of print like Walter Crane books. Since they are really hard to get from a used book store, I usually download them epub or pdf format.

This is glimpse of my bookshelf and my worktable and small part of my books that I consider to be my reference for both inspiration and possibilities.

Mostly done in watercolour using one set and part of another, I really don’t remember the colours in each set I used but I think most of them. I challenged myself in doing it, perspective is not my strongest suit and it, for the most part worked rather well, made some mistakes doing it though. Tried to show the shadows from the shelves, I think it came out okay.  Some areas, I need to rework or scrap  and redo it differently.


D May