August woes

IMG_0384_1And this is the time for me to experiment with materials!

I am still trying to match that wonderful colour of the Lettuce that was featured on the last post. My mistakes are hounding me every day since I posted that.

With that in mind, I went through all, all of my paints, crayons and supplies.  Just to find out I am missing out on a lot of new colours that are out there. I have at least 20 years old supplies. Most of it was donations from people used to dabble in the painting in the past.

Sort of debating on buying some, but with the listing of inventory of what I already have. Planned get only colours that I do not have and some that I can use to make other colours instead.  I have no idea before that there is a lot of different shades of different colours, more that I realized.IMG_0374_1

You could  spend the day there just choosing the right colours and they are still debating at the desk on whether you are soon to be crook  planning to steal or a serious artist  just trying to figure out what the series mean and what brand to use or brands. And the price point too, can one afford 15 dollar tube or use the student grad or another brand with the lower price? It took forever, had the sales staff wondering if I am a thief or ?  spent close to an hour before deciding on what to get.

Practice day. First off, I changed my glasses to my clear ones, the transitions that I have changed colour every time the sun comes out and since they are brown in tone, what I see are not the true colours but muted ones.IMG_0383

Grabbed my new colours and my old ones, brushes, rag, water jug, and heading out on the porch in the back. Sun and clouds were in the sky and the temperature was not too hot, rain was expected later on the day.

Must not forget pencil, actually I did -used a watercolour paint instead. It worked okay for a while if I use a light colour but not too light in intensity. I couldn’t see what lines I did until I used very light shade of blue. That helped a lot.

My orange flame Echinacea flowers, the orangey, rust colours are interesting to try to duplicate in watercolour. I came close so many times in doing, but the sky changed so many times. Sometimes cloudy or sun came out of which I found the sky changed the tones of the shades.IMG_0369_3IMG_0322_1.JPG

So I tried the rhubard stalk, slightly different shade but close enough that I found out that a different point of view is needed.IMG_0377_3

It is not a good try for rhubard stalk. I shall keep on trying though.

I think I need a new pair of eyes or something else. New glasses?

Did I mention it started to rain when I figured out where I went wrong and I had a nice watercolour of my orange flame Echinacea , it turned out to be a light sprinkle but it was enough to stop for awhile.

Coming to a realization that I am a very messy person when it comes to working on whether it is a planned drawing or painting.   Now I need to figure out the next thing to try out.