March Madness

I need a shot of the Leprechauns’ good luck charms or chance of the pot of gold they seem to be holding far from me.

Do you think that if I toast to them on Friday to the luck of the Irish, will I get luck on my side? Or should I try several?

I am jealous of other bloggers that are sending out more posts than I do in 2 months! If I send out posts with my craziness, the wagon will come to take me away to the nut farm.

Another interview shot to hell, I am giving up on interviews now and starting to find out what is out there.

I have couple paintings on the go, but with my moods, it will be disaster to work on them.

However I am having success in other areas.  February I had started chili pepper seeds in my basement with lights and heating mats. At this time, most have germinated and now have second set of leaves. Just recently I starting tomato seeds and some are now poking thru the soil. Another success, that is good to have at this time.

Winter is now refusing to let Spring come in and give us green growing time. Winter just waved his arms and gave us snow drifts and high winds with cold temperatures. Spent close to an hour couple days ago just clearing off 2 vehicles for myself and my hubby, who decided with seeing his car under several feet of snow and unable to move it. He had taken my suv with my blessings plus it would be able to handle the snow better than his car. I think he wanted a snow day from work. Me? I was glad to get him out of my hair for most of the day.

Lately I have been reading a lot of books, mostly fantasy and some non fiction just to keep  my brain from stagnating. I read almost constantly every day and it is one way for me to escape the days troubles. And plus I do  other stuff at the same time. Knitting, drawing, seed starting, dreaming, writing too and a lot more. I am  also trying to learn a few graphic computer applications at the same time. Its mostly freeware, Inkscape, Gimp and Scribus, just to name a  few. Unable to afford other paid programs so I went cheap.

The Shamrock is currently done in Inkscape, mostly using the calligraphy brushes  and colour.

Toast the Shamrock Tonight! and with a Leprechaun’s Luck on your side, have a good night tonight.