Febuary notes

Well? things are still the same, still working and still alive at times. I think.

I usually love this month, it can be most challenging  to get through. Cold winds, blowing snow and a promise that spring will be here. Its the promise of spring I love the most.

Still figuring out on how to work on this blog. Might take longer than I hope.

So for something a little different….


I could not believe

What I seen with my own eyes

I see the chandelier coming, moving down towards me

With hands, bodies and chains, awaiting to grasp me into their arms for the chandelier

I still cannot believe what I am seeing with my own eyes.

I am in a great room of a old castle, with the big old wooden chandelier high up near the ceiling.

I had originally came for my family’s history, now I will be apart of it.

Chandelier is coming down towards me,

I am moving away trying to escape the chandelier, but I try.

The chains of the chandelier is turning snakelike, and I see more than I wanted to.

A body of a man with no head attached, holding a broad axe in his arms.

‘ You see the great lord who sacrificed himself to make the enchantment true’

But the chains are snaked into and around his body holding him to the great crossbar.

A head of a woman chained to the center of the chandelier, and something else.

I can see a young woman and child dressed in the early 20th century clothing also chained, but the child is wrapped in chains to the woman, his mother? Madonna and child.

‘There has been many chained to the chandelier, it protects us from enemies throughout the centuries, they come and go. But what you see the lord,  and the witch, who created the chandelier out of vipers and enchantments. The woman and child are the last ones, they betrayed the family, and for it. Tt was ruled that they were sacrificed for the house.

The chandelier is moving?

Moving towards me, lowering itself to the ground, I can see the Madonna and child looking down at me smiling, inviting me to join them. I still run, evading my way out of the chains, but I am getting tired. Still the chandelier is coming for me.

I try to find a place to catch my breath, the chandelier is nearly ground level.  the lord is swinging his great axe,  and  the chains are moving towards me, swinging in circles to allow the greatest amount of ground to cover.

I am in the far corner away from the corner, I am tired and I await them.

The chains are coming for me.

Chandelier chains themselves around and through me, anchoring me totally to the chandelier. No blood is spilled on the ground, but absorbed by the chains. Hauling me, roping me to the center piece of the chandelier, I can see more details, broken off arm of one of the guardians long gone? Witch chained through her mouth and a blindfold over her eyes.

Madonna and child, I recognized her, my grandmother, long disappeared with her youngest child, my uncle. I had seen pictures of her, heard stories of how she disappeared many years ago.

I am dead and not dead, the enchantment still very much strong, I am now another of the guardians of the house awaiting another to come.

copyright  DSMAY 1990

Please be kind in comments or such. This was written many years ago and I am still trying to improve on it.

And now if you could excuse me- I need to get out the garbage and recycling out.