Winter Memories and the Grinch

I remember the past winters and Christmases of my youth. I remember the snow falling, icicles forming in cold winters near the eves of our small bungalow house. I remember the tobogganing, skiing and skating on outdoor rinks any time of the day, weaving in and out of so-called hockey players pretending to be their heroes.

Originally from the British Columbia Interior, where the winters could be mild or colder than other places but the snows are so much in abundance that it is now seems to be a dream of sorts.

Now I live in just outside of the Ottawa region of Ontario, here in Canada. It is colder than my dreams at times. It has freezing rain of which I hate with a passion, preferring the cold and snow to it. This year so far, is shaping up to be what I remember from my childhood. Snow, lots of it.

Skiing at Tillicum Resort learning to ski without bashing my head or butt on weekends. The resort is now long gone but I remember the slopes, fries, hot chocolate served in the loghouse to warm up with before heading back to the slopes again for the final run of the day.

Fingers tingling with cold and frosty air, ski pants that made me look like colourful snowman, noses dripping in the cold air.

At home, the household would watch Christmas shows that gives us the meaning of Christmas. We watch the Grinch, Charlie Brown, Santa Claus, and other Christmas shows that are put up by Singers and Entertainers with songs and skits bringing laughter to our nights.

I almost try to watch on a yearly basis to watch most of the original Christmas shows of my youth. They have more meaning nowadays to me than what is shown now.

I remember being told to clean up my room thoroughly before the 24th because Santa does check the bedroom before leaving presents under the tree. Stockings up and ready for small gifts and most were filled with nuts, fruit including small presents. They were, in our household to be opened first in the morning. The presents under the tree were to be opened only after the Turkey is in the oven, usually in mid afternoon. Decently dressed and fed with snacks to hold us to dinner. Boy, it was a dinner to believe most of the time. Most of it became stories for future generations and really to them not believable.  But most can be duplicated, I think. Especially the split Turkey that was held together not with stuffing but strings.

Now it is harder to pretend it is Christmas at all, to me a shopping holiday with parking woes, disgruntled fellow drivers on the road. Rush, rush everywhere. Where is the rush?

But I watched the How the Grinch Stole Christmas the other night on a local channel. Watched with patience with Grinch learning a few things along the way, feeling like the Christmas spirit is slowly coming inside like the Grinch. It is always the same every year, I continue to watch the shows that made my childhood bright in memories and now I feel the same way. Christmas spirit is here and now.


I am going to enjoy this year’s Christmas and the following New Years with joy and laughter, with family and friends. I hope you will do the same.

So I am offering you, your family and friends.

Merry Christmas to you and  a Happy New Year !


Ps; My apologies to the Dr Seuss and to the Grinch,  I had to draw the Grinch, inked and coloured in a happy sort of way