Just recently with a very warm day.

I had decided to paint with oils outside on my porch.

Done the shopping early, kitchen cleanup – house, it can wait, dishes too, bills – another day.

I want to paint! Hell with it!

So I gathered my materials, up and down the stairs, 4 times? I think.

Canvass old and new that I had already primed in anticipation months ago. Brushes, where did I put them? Oh yes in cedar rectangle box, opened them up to check and found I had accidently put a few my watercolour brushes with them. Out they go.

Linseed , solvents and paints, found and down the stairs, they all go.

Oh yes, my portable easel, big standing one or the medium one?  Medium one for sure.

Anything else?  Yes plastic small rug for protection of the just refinished deck which I did last month.

Setting up

Outside table set, easel on top. Oils on the steps, cannot decide which ones to try out,

Palette knives, palette  and  forgot rags.  I again go upstairs to find these and down I go again.

Went to the oils , chose my colours and tried to open them up. Can’t, they are stuck, gummed up with residue from the tubes. Where is my pliers? Upstairs I go again.


Found them, they are mini all tools in one, love them to death. Hope my hubby does not find them with paint splats on them, he gave them to me years ago with the expectation that he will get them back eventually. Not

Okay, oils opened and remixed with palette knife, paint on the pliers, solvents and linseed ready to be used.

Now, the decision time.  What to do? Palette knife to start?  Loose work ,exploring the oils? And finding out what works and does not work?

Want tea now, thirsty. So I go inside to get the kettle on and tea bag in the teapot. Mug in hand, I went outside, according to outside temperature gauge, its 15degrees F, sunshine, clouds in the sky not much at 10 am.  A lovey day to paint outside.

Loose work to start, its been a long time since I worked in oils. Fun stuff today, no planned ideas.

First one

Palette knife work  mostly with brushes towards the end


I swear there is an image on the right side?

Second one



Small, one brushes used mostly on this. Half memory, half real, just plain loose fun work.


Mixture of palette and brush=mostly brush


this one, tried to keep this real,  again very loose work. Will probably rework this one on a later date.

Forgotten a few things in working in oils, first do the background, lean over fat or is it fat over lean?.  don’t mix too many colours at the same time and not the ones that are close in tone  equals mud! keep colours separate, use more of them.

It was fun and that is why I paint