\updates and weeds

Original drawing/doodle



Staycation is officially over as of 2 weeks ago and in some ways a success and in others,  a complete bust.

I did do a lot of paintings and drawings, but most of it came out as mud and experimental (to be unseen by the public eyes). Actually I really enjoyed it, choosing my materials for that day and trying to decide of what I am trying to achieve each day. I played with colours and forms using what ever I had on hand. The garden provided some inspiration too- not good enough it seems.

The weather in my area was over 35 degrees celisus with a a humidex reading of 10 degrees more – it felt like I was swimming in air. That limited my choice of materials for the day, watercolour dried instantly, oil pastels dripped all over, oils – forgot about them. Acrylics I didn’t use this time due its fast drying times. I had bought a retarder for them but had forgotten about it.

I also got  notice that an interview was to be scheduled during my staycation but was rescheduled for 2 weeks later.  I did not get the job, I was informed later. I do poorly at interviews, it seems.

So the past month, I kept my head low, my mouth shut and worked on my garden full of weeds. Weeds lost the battle this time, they will be regrouping for another assault on my garden.

Has anyone worked on painting weeds in the garden? perhaps I will.

ps the drawing inserted above is from 2000 circa, original is on the right and other template for a business card that I made.