Staycation vs Flu Bug






I’ve put in some time off this summer from work. I am planning on working on painting drawing and my vegetable garden.

So far I am planning in my head of what materials to use and subjects to paint. I really should write them down so I do not get distracted!

Materials I am decided on but the subject matter is another.

Could be plants, flowers, or people, pets or just plain intuitive stuff? Or just go with the days offerings?

Also should I plan on morning or afternoon for painting and or weeding the garden? Or the reverse? I guess mother nature will have that planned out for me.

Plans to do up to my staycation is find some subjects and prepare canvas or paper and materials  ahead of time, so I do not go crazy at the last moment before vacation, finding that one thing I need is not ready available.

I will be working outside on my patio with my portable easel since I live in a small house. It is really hard to work in oils in my small house without smells perforating the rest of the house. I usually use oils outside in the summers including pastels – the dust you know.

In all I am looking forward to doing this, I really haven’t gotten in the habit of doing some art projects on a daily basis.  This will force me to do more than I have been doing lately.




Still life

Hell knows


Oil paints




Sketches in what material charcoal, conte or ?

I think I may start by getting my stuff organized beforehand, making for the canvasses are ready by priming with gesto and subjects planned out in advance, materials paints and solvents are ready.

This way I am not panicking half day later with personal complaints that I forgot one thing and another leaving my day trashed with unfinished expectations.


Take  an inventory of what I have on hand  first then work my way in getting prepared. That is done and organized in some way.

Now all I need to do is get over the flu bug and figure out my subjects for the projects.