January 2016

Another year is gone and another comes in by a blast of old man winter’s sneeze, and coughs.
Recently, I went through more of my old art projects, and found that most of them now to me feel incomplete. Perhaps years ago, they were complete to me, now they are not, some I had forgotten what made me to do that way or another. So I am thinking that I am going to redo them all starting in the New Year, at least I hope.
I have drawings of doodles and semi finished paintings dating back to my school days. My supplies are just as old, there is a fair amount of somewhat newer supplies that I bought when I could afford it or taking extra classes on my own time. Workshops too, managed to take them when I could in areas I was interested in and times I could. Art books of favorite painters that I had long admired, their skills and techniques too.
One of my Aunts, introduced me to an artist from where she was currently living, years ago, by sending to my Grandparents, a set of wall plaques. They were beautiful to look at and I had always wondered how he managed to get the colours to blend in.
She had lived in Tucson Arizona, and years ago, according to her he was a local artist by the name of Ted De Grazia. Not much is known of him, but what is known so far that he loved to paint the local people and sometimes destroys his own paintings in later years.


His work is amazing to me and I always try to figure out his methods.