December 2015

December 2015 updates
I have been busy with work and trying to get ready for upcoming holidays.
Last week, I made shortbread using our family recipe, two batches worth, most of it will be part of presents to our friends and family, some of it will keep for myself and my hubby happy for the rest of the year. It is rich, buttery and always appreciated by others.
While baking the second batch, my hubby decided to be the official tester of the said shortbread, so he borrowed a few of them, they just came out of the oven, barely 5 minutes. After declaring them much better batch than the previous one. He then ate more of them…. I can’t win.
Now I realized why my mother hid hers from my siblings and my dad. One year it was hidden in the dryer and then the clothes washer, next year, it was in linen closet behind the bed sheets. She would never hid them in the kitchen cupboards or near that area. It would be the first place anyone that had a hunger for shortbread. But when company came around, she would place them on the table for the guests to eat and the family members are to let the guests to have them first. Dad would then ask Mom where did she hide them. Mom never said but I do know she would move them around on a daily basis in our small bungalow.
Dad, I think sometimes tried to find them late at night or early morning before going to work, along with the shortbread- he always tried to find the butter tarts too. Sometimes he was successful in the hunt for both shortbread, and butter tarts. When the short fall is discovered, Dad would be blaming the kids and other creatures of the night, so Mom always had to make more, then, it begins again.
Just recently, a family friend had asked me for the recipe, I said sure. I wrote it down, sent it to my friend and tried to make it as easy as possible to follow the directions. I am still waiting to hear the results from the baker and I think the testers will soon come out the woodwork soon enough.

Shortbread batches
shortbread the last one baked


I went through more of my old art projects, and found that most of them now to me feel incomplete. Perhaps years ago, they were complete to me, now they are not. So I am thinking that I am going to redo them all starting in the New Year, at least I hope.
I have  drawings of doodles and semi finished paintings dating back to my school days. My supplies are just as old, there is a fair amount of somewhat newer supplies that I bought when I could afford it or taking extra classes on my own times. Workshops too, managed to take them when I could in areas I was interested in and times I could.

soon I think I will photograph them and place them online.

I wonder if it is worth it sometimes, just to follow your dreams and heart?

Tulip wooden pastel
sun burst acrylic
mushroom watercolour