colours and creativity

I try to keep the creativity in bounds thru out the year. I garden all summer, paint/draw when I can. Fall is usually planning for the next year and also to rediscover stuff I had forgotten about. This fall, I had gone thru my old art papers and found several sketches and prints that I had done in high school. I had honestly forgotten how creative I was doing them and now I am not too creative anymore, or in different ways?
Winter for me is worst time for anything, the light is so dull that I always miss judge the colours used if I have some painting, so lost that one minute its pure, another minute it too dull to use. My judgement is gone, day light lamps help, but not too much. And yet if the sun is here for the day it is right when it is ready.
In the Spring, I go mad according to my hubby; greens, greys are turning into reds, yellows, blues and all the shades between. I love seeing the colours coming alive on a daily basis.
I start my seeds for my garden in late February, new growths from them are so addictive that I need to document them by any means possible and to discover more.
Lettuce seeds are most amazing to see to germinate. From the small brown/tan seeds, the first leaves of bright green to slowly changing to light yellow or to dull to bright reds by the august harvest. Beans, the seeds themselves are different, the shell of the seeds are just the beginning of colour to my eyes. The newly growth to the vines to the flowers of many colours.