Greyness of winter

Nov 30
Sometimes I hate this time of the year, the greyness, cold temperatures, the moodiness of the skies and clouds. The possibilities of snow flurries, freezing rain and plain dullness of living indoors for another 5 months, before spring arrives again with renewal of green and colours.
There is only a couple times it makes worthwhile to endure, Christmas lights, the joys of meeting with friends and relatives to celebrate the holidays.
I try to keep the memories of summer alive in my plants, my rosemary, gardenias, bays and peppers in my windows facing east/south to catch the sun rays, once it decides to show up. The rosemary now blooming blue flowers and they had been since October.
The flowers are beautiful light blue, almost the same colour of the sky, they are small enough that it is hard to get a decent picture to document the colours. But now the older leaves of the rosemary are now turning brown and ready to fall off, leaving the newer leaves to replace the old. Normally I ‘comb’ off the old leaves, gather them up to keep them for the compost or use them for moth repellant, leaving a few old leaves on the soil to combat the mold and insects that are now resting inside the pots before coming out to feast on the new growth.
I usually water all my plants when it is sunny outside and plants just soak up the water as they need it. If I do it on a dull/grey day, mold starts to form and that leads to dying off. I water very carefully for each one, rosemary gets some water when they are on verge of dryness, peppers, bays and others just enough to keep the soil damp and not too water logged.
So far this year might be a challenging one to keep my colours alive and my plants too.
This one just taken with my camera and the other is from 2013 winter